TaylorMade R11s Driver when browsing a file to determine where to cut it

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Tourism here, like in the other two states of the Peninsula, is taking off. When it does, the owners of these lots are going to own a fine piece of valuable beachfront, with many more nearby services. And all at a very low cost to them.. [See image 12] But trying to use them was another matter. My other video editing and disc making software played and used them fine, but neither Presto! VideoWorks 6, which had created them, nor Create Video Disc, would accept them as valid video files. [See image 13] It was a major strike against the software.Editing: In the cutting room, when browsing a file to determine where to cut it, Video Works 6 said it was going frame by frame, but the test file with numbered frames I was using showed it randomly skipping over a frame here and there.