Ping G20 Driver Another important aspect of the device also sits on top of the unit

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If you were hoping for a dual CDMA/GSM phone with great call quality,
Titleist AP1 714 Irons , sadly you’re in for an unpleasant surprise. Callers sound mechanical or frigid and your own voice echos constantly throughout calls,
Ping G25 Fairway Wood, areas with low coverage produce a white noise like effect during calls. The call quality on the LG Fathom does not do its CDMA/GSM capabilities justice..

Another important aspect of the device also sits on top of the unit, the devices 3.5MM headphone jack which I didn’t mention in my design view,
Ping G30 Hybrid, simply because it fit better in this section. The Touch HD Audio jack located next to the power/standby button will work with most modern day headphones, this is a great option,
Ping G25 Driver, especially for HTC considering their past devices focuses mostly on using a special USB jack that made charging the device and using your headphones annoying since you needed an attached Y Adapter in order to use both at the same time. I tested the 3.5MM headphone jack with my Bose headphones since they almost always expose faults in audio playback and I have to say the sound was great,
Ping G30 Irons, as an added bonus even video playback sound came through crisp and clear..